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Why do we use beer in our soaps?

Beer has ingredients in it that are very beneficial for your skin and hair. Beer has hops which are known to soothe irritated skin, and contains polyphenols which act as an antibacterial agent. Hops contain skin softening amino acids as well. We’ve found that beer adds a great lather to the soap we make. It’s even nice to shave with. We include Goat’s Milk in our beer soap so you will get the benefits from both.

We don’t try to hide the natural aroma of the beer itself. Instead, we add to what is already there.



This is an all time favorite and best seller. The tart scent of cranberries is irresistible. Made with pureed cranberries, Goat’s Milk and “Cranberry Ginger Ale”.


The scent will remind you of everything you love about fall. Made with pureed pumpkin, Goat’s Milk and “Harvest Patch Shady”.


A bright and uplifting bar with the crisp zing of grapefruit. Made with citrus zest, Goat’s Milk and “Grapefruit Shandy”.



Ingredients:  Fresh Goat Milk, Beer, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pureed Fruit, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance or Essential Oils

*Due to the nature of hand made Goat’s Milk soap, variations in size, color and weight may occur, the bars average 5 oz each.

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Weight 5 oz

Cranberry Spiced Ale, Grapefruit Ale, Pumpkin Spiced Ale


  1. Ted Slater

    Currently using the Cranberry Ale, and I love it!

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